Articles by Zoë Klein

On Genesis:

Scatter Us in the Sea – Parshat Noah
Growing Girls Whole – Parshat Chaye Sara
All We Need to Know – Parshat Lech Lecha
Wrestling with Man, not Angels – Parshat Vayishlach
Farewell to Jacob, Farewell to Months – Parshat Vayehi

On Exodus:

Love and War in the Cosmos – Parshat Vaera
Splitting the Sea…So What! – Shabbat shira, Parshat Beshalah
Divine Wedding – Parshat Ki Tisa

On Leviticus:

Nakedness and Vulnerability – Parshat Acherei Mot/Kedoshim

On Numbers:

A Banner Day – Parshat BaMidbar
You are not alone – Parshat Naso
Nahshon, Music, and Shmutz – Parshat Naso
Imagining Caleb – Parshat Pinchas
(this also appeared for Parshat D’varim for the URJ)

On Deuteronomy:

Bring the Day – Parshat Shoftim
(this also appeared for Shof’tim for the URJ)
Want vs Need – Parshat Ki Tetze
Reinterpreting the Dream – Parshat HaAzinu

Other Articles:

Interview of Rabbi Zoë Klein by Ruth Ellenson for the Jewish Journal (2001)
I and my companions: two months in the short life of a desert daughter, Bat Yiftah, Tikkun, Fall 2000
First Person: Faith in the Balance, Harper’s Bazaar, May 1, 2001