Book Clubs

If you would like a free book club packet with talking points, articles and interesting facts about Drawing in the Dust sent to you, please let me know in the “comments” below.

I would love to discuss Drawing in the Dust with your book club, by phone conference, or in person! The first time I spoke with a book club by speaker phone, I was amazed at how incredibly joyful and exciting it was. While I was in Los Angeles, all the way across the country in a beach house on Fire Island, a group of wonderful women were standing around a kitchen island, drinking wine and chopping vegetables for dinner, with the phone in the middle. We laughed, delved and shared so much, I never wanted it to end. Faith, love and discovery. It was truly magic, and has continued to be so with each unique book club. I would love to get to know yours. Please fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a special visit. Don’t forget to let me know if you’d like a free book club packet! Thank you!