Drawing in the Dust


American archaeologist Page Brookstone risks her professional reputation when a young Arab couple begs her to excavate beneath their home in Anatot, Israel. They claim the spirits of two lovers haunt it, overwhelming everyone who enters with love and desire. As Page digs, she makes a miraculous discovery-the bones of the deeply troubled prophet Jeremiah locked in an eternal embrace with a mysterious woman named Anatiya. Buried with the lovers, a scroll in Anatiya’s own mystical words challenges centuries-old interpretations of the prophet’s story. Caught in a forbidden love story of her own, Page soon discovers that by shaking off the dust of the dead, she has unearthed painful issues from her past and created a worldwide fervor that threatens to silence Anatiya’s passionate spirit forever.

“This book is worthy of a nomination…and win. Loved it.”
—Emma Ashley, Emma Ashley Books