The Scroll of Anatiya


“Painstakingly researched, melding seamlessly with the Biblical/historical record, this fictional work is also powerfully envisioned, written, and realized by a woman writer. Rabbi Zoe Klein has put on the skin and soul of a female prophet/scribe in the time of Jeremiah, bringing a fresh voice into the patriarchal story. How significantly this has enriched me! How much I want others to be as astonished as I was!”
—Luci Shaw, poet, author of The Crime of Living Cautiously and Accompanied by Angels

“With the scriptural erudition of the Rabbi she is, and considerable imaginative gifts, Zoë Klein has created in Anatiya a warm, believable companion to an elder Jeremiah whose quiet love reunites the aged prophet with the passion of love and faith that called him from youth to God and renders in their story a powerful tale of divine love incarnate.”
Sam Portaro, Episcopal priest & author, Brightest & Best: A Companion to Lesser Feasts & Fasts, Crossing the Jordan, and Sheer Christianity

“Redolent in metaphor and spirit, aching with love both earthly and heavenly, The Scroll of Anatiya offers the reader the imagined journey of a young woman disciple of Jeremiah, a journey of a woman’s body and spirit. The text draws deeply from the Hebrew Scriptures, while also bringing to speech the voice of a young woman, whose writing ‘resonates off the walls.’ I recommend reading the text slowly, allowing yourself to savor the language and the imagery, indeed to savor the premise of the scroll.”
Mary C. Earle, author of The Desert Mothers: Spiritual Practices from Women of the Wilderness and Days of Grace: Meditations and Practices for Living with Illness